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The Journey of the first

Your Name: David Swartenbroekx.

Yes Man Profile: 36 years old; Leuven (Belgium); Teacher, trainer and lawyer.

Start date of your Yes Man Journey: January 2014.

Personal challenges: My first challenge to be more successful in interactions with others, especially women.

Provided solution: Say ‘YES’ to life and its opportunities, realize that I am in charge, weekly calls with assignments and evaluations and a daily kept journal.

Result: I got a lot better in all communication with other people, in private life as well as professionally. I start to live the life of my dreams in all aspects. From relationships to work and hobbies, all have been upgraded.

Reference: Because this is the most natural, stimulating and complete self development traject I’ve ever been into, it’s self motivating and the results are awesome! You simply cannot afford not to join and therefore should follow one of the mantra’s of Project Yes Man; ‘When in doubt, just say YES’.

Description of your journey: About a year and a half ago I was unsatisfied with my life. I used to be bored from time to time and did not have the idea that I could lead my life actively. As I was always convinced that things can get better, I decided to fall up instead of down. I decided to change the situation drastically. That’s when I decided to join the ‘Project Yes man’. Yes, it was based on the movie with Jim Carey with a lot of twist and turns, and in reality so much more fun!

Before I got to know Project Yes man I took some other courses and training in self development and communication, like courses in marketing, NLP and Accelerated Learning. Without a coach next to me, to guide me along the path, there simply was no lasting change. Worse, sometimes I even fell for trickery.

At that time I contacted Floris, the ‘spiritual father’ of Project Yes Man, who I knew for several years, and asked him for his help. I became the first Yes Man and after 20 months of working on myself, the efforts are more than just paying off. To be short, I used to be a single man with merely low self esteem, some friends (but not a lot), no girlfriend (although I had some in my life) and lived in a tiny studio.

Now, I feel good, have a nice group of loyal and good friends, and I have built a nice network of people I know. For 5 months now, I am with a wonderful, intelligent and sexy woman. I am completely in love and live together with her in a beautiful house with a garden, ponds and fish. My business is growing and I do the things I like to do.

When I was making my first steps as a Yes Man, I thought I would be happy and satisfied when I got more success with women. This was the first goal we set but along the way it became clear that reality is a slightly more complex thing to handle. We started to work on several key parts of life and had a weekly feedback moment on the telephone.

–       Love: As I mentioned, I felt that having more female interest would change my situation. It turned out to be a little more complex than just that. First, I had to be convinced of the abundance the universe has to offer and be open for the options coming my way. I stopped everything I thought I had to do and just said “YES” to a multitude of situations. I got invited for parties, receptions, brunches, even a campfire in downtown Brussels and much more. I just counted the amount of women I met and, after a few weeks, I started to realize that even this is uncountable. I enjoyed all the situations I got into as a Yes Man, having just normal conversations with everyone. My network started to grow and dates came with it. After 5 months there were that many, I had to learn how to communicate more clearly about what I wanted and how I had to select the most interesting ones. I went on a date, about 3 times a week and planned city trips in Belgium almost on a weekly basis. Rewards were paying off and perhaps I wanted to compensate my old scarcity ideas a little.

At one of these trips the girl that was going with me brought a friend. This is how I met the girl I am still very much in love with.

–       Social: Leading the life you want to have doesn’t just happen to you and you cannot achieve it on your own. You need an interesting circle of people around you to build your world. The Project Yes Man helped me to step out of my comfort zone by making me say “YES” more often. I realized how much I was suffering from the learned “there is nothing to do” mentality and accepted invitations I learned to perceive. In a few months I started to grow a group of friends, I built a network of people I know and, more important, they started to see me as an interesting, reliable and authentic chap. I communicated what I truly wanted and I keep on getting it.

–       Leisure: As I started to say “YES” to opportunities when they came up on my path, my leisure activities grew automatically. I started to do some voluntary work, I worked on my languages with exchange palls, went on city trips and began to attend festivals, parties and cultural events. Saying “YES” to invitations broadened my interests and cultural background which made me more interested in others and that turned me into a more interesting person as well.

–       Hobbies: In my old situation, I almost forgot the things I loved to do. I still read a book from time to time but when the group of wonderful people around me grew, I started to like cooking again. Since I once learned how, I did it more and rediscovered the joy of cooking for friends. I started to travel, did voluntary work and enjoyed the situations that came up.

–       Work, career and finance: While I started to enjoy life more and started to get more out of it, I learned that I had to reorganize my work and finances as well. Going out, dating, trips, museum entrance fees or even a nicer house, it all requires a certain income. For some months this was a problematical situation. I was spending more than my income allowed.

We decided that is was time to make abundance of professional options and money would be the next thing to work on. Instead of having one profession, I’m having 4 sources of income now, one of which is my new venture Dutch Language Classes. Some are still small and I’m not there yet but step by step, I am also discovering how to maintain the life that adventurers have and experience. This will be the main goal until the end of the year.

I learned life is a constellation in which things are interdependent. Changing one element won’t result in lasting change. One by one, the other factors have to be changed, too. The Project Yes man is a journey towards a richer life not just a pill to get there. It covers everything that is important and best part is that it helps me to become more of myself.

–       Health: I used to think I was one the “old dinosaurs” who is not interested at all in a healthy way of living. The first year I wasn’t interested at all in changing what I ate, drunk, smoked or how I did it. After a certain time, however, a certain change came spontaneously. As I enjoyed cooking, I started to be more aware of the products I used. Although I’m still a carnivore, I even love experimenting with vegetables. When the weather is nice I go to work by bike, cycling about 10 kilometers to go there and get back.

Before the end of the year, I will stop smoking as well. It’s not that there’s someone pushing me. I just felt like this, made the decision and the Yes man project is supporting me to bring this to a good end, too.

The Project Yes man is not for sissies. It’s nothing more than a complete makeover of my life, with me in charge and the project as support and inspiration. The project helps me to become more ‘me’. It takes a lot of devotion and from time to time, even work but it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s evolution is never ending but every step ahead gives that much satisfaction, I definitely want to recommend the project to everyone who thinks parts of his life can be optimized. It’s the idea I had when I joined the project and I learned it’s not about just optimizing. This is about taking charge! And my beloved girlfriend, my friends, people I met during the last year and a half will all confirm how much I changed in a very positive way.

This journey would have been impossible to get even slightly similar results without the help of a fully devoted Floris. His unique style and commitment to all the fellow Yes Men is the driving force behind the project.

David Swartenbroekx
Augustus 2015

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